Making Faces

When I was a kid, my brother and I made funny faces at each other. It must be genetic: my son does the same thing. I treasure photos of us together, like the four-in-a-row shots taken in old time booths. We mugged photos while he served in the Israeli Army. His funny faces reduced my anxiety. That’s the point: faces communicate stuff – faces make us feel stuff. I have noticed that leaders use this to motivate people and make strengths productive.

The Mirror

My dad was very particular about the mirrors in our store. He spent a lot of time on capturing just the right angle. These were three way mirrors in which our customer would see himself – for the first time – in a suit or new outfit. Dad thought a lot about the lighting. It was important that the lighting be as close to daylight as possible – as daylight best captured color and intensity, and how the clothes fit the man…