Saving a Key Employee

The owners had just witnessed an argument between two key employees.  It was bad – one person walked out of the meeting announcing he was not going to take this any longer – he simply could not work with the other person in the meeting.

Both employees were important for the success of the company.  Both were talented.  Both were head strong.  One was new – and this was the variable that was throwing things out of whack.


We needed someone to talk to who was outside the situation and could see things clearly – at a time when emotions were running high and we found it difficult to be objective and manage the situation.   The stakes felt too high.


After three coaching sessions, the talented employee developed strategies to recognize what ‘pushed her buttons’ and how to manage herself when this occurred.  She came up with a protocol on how to act on what she was seeing in a productive, responsible way.  Upon completing a series of coaching meetings, the two key employees didn’t love each other: they respected each other and worked productively for the company.